Dior Made Tiny Haute Couture Gowns for Autumn-Winter 2021

From miniature horses to baby Air Jordans to tiny burritos YouTubers make for their pet hamsters, it is universally known that tiny versions of things are inexplicably cuter than their normal-sized counterparts. (The only exception to this rule is cupcakes, which are not nearly as adorable as full-sized cakes.) Dior took note and delivered its fall-winter couture collection in miniature proportions, proving that big things really do come in small packages.

Paying homage to Théâtre de la Mode, a 1945 traveling fashion exhibition that promoted Parisian couture during World War II, Dior presented a pint-sized collection of daywear sets in dark tweeds, softly pleated Grecian gowns, and modern interpretations of the Dior’s iconic New Look silhouette. Keeping in line with the rules of couture, each look is made entirely by hand by the Parisian house’s atelier, 40 percent smaller than its original size.

As with previous collections, creative director

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Chanel Haute Couture Is Inspired by Karl, Not Coco

While the opulence of building a enchanted forest inside the Grand Palais or constructing a monumental, thirty-foot sculpture of a jacket feels like a distant memory, the world of couture lives on. Digitally, at least. As the fashion industry continues to grapple with physical shows during the time of COVID-19, the big fashion houses move forward with virtual presentations. On the heels of Chanel’s first-ever video cruise show, the Parisian atelier presented its fall-winter couture line via the Internet.

Despite the change of format, the iconic label stuck to its lavish roots, with a dash of edgy romanticism. “I was thinking about a punk princess coming out of ‘Le Palace’ at dawn,” Virginie Viard stated in the brand’s press release. Delicate tweed sets in deep violet are embellished with precious gemstones, gowns sparkle with hand-beaded embroidery, and in true couture form, Chanel presented a modern Victorian bridal gown complete with

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Paris Couture Autumn-Winter 2021 – What Paris Couture Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2021 Looks Like

couture fashion weekCourtesy

Like most creative minds dealing with tragedy, storied fashion houses are getting innovative in reaction to COVID-19’s impact on the industry. The suspension of IRL fashion presentations means that this season’s couture week doesn’t look anything like the extravagance we’re used to. Some designers tested out the video format, Balmain staged a boat show livestreamed on TikTok, while others like Schiaparelli kept it socially distanced by trading in handmade clothes for hand-drawn sketches as imagined by Daniel Roseberry in Washington Square Park. This is the world’s first-ever digital-only couture week. Appreciate the beauty from afar with our gallery of the best looks ahead.

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