Gucci Launches Off the Grid, Its First Sustainable Collection

Gucci Launches Off the Grid, Its First Sustainable Collection

Between rising consumer demands for sustainable practices and the secondhand clothing industry estimated to be valued at $64 billion by 2025, you can’t not practice eco-friendly fashion solutions. That’s the Herculean task that Gucci is taking on with Off the Grid, the Italian fashion house’s first environmentally-conscious collection heralded by creative director Alessandro Michele.

“Gucci Off The Grid has been conceived to enhance respect for, and responsibility towards, the environment,” the brand stated in a press release. “Gucci believes that sustainability—at all levels—involves fostering this respect: respect for the people we share our planet with as well as for the environment. If we quality wigs lighten our environmental footprint we can enjoy the world with greater freedom— the freedom to follow our dreams, with curiosity, openness and joy.”

To star in its campaign, Gucci tapped Jane Fonda, Lil Nas X, King Princess, Miyavi, and David Mayer de Rothschild.

gucci off the grid
King Princess holding a logo-emblazoned backpack, the core item of the collection.Courtesy

gucci off the grid
Jane Fonda starring in Gucci’s Off the Grid CampaignCourtesy

Comprised of genderless sneakers, bags, accessories, and ready-to-wear, each item is thoughtfully made using recycled, organic, bio-based or sustainably sourced materials like ECONYL (the latter quickly growing in popularity for its reputation for being made from post-consumer waste like fishing nets and carpets). For example, Gucci hair pieces online revisits its iconic GG logo, but this time it’s made of 100% regenerated polyamide and the Tennis 1977 sneaker is not made of animal materials. Even the packaging reflects Gucci’s commitment to off-setting their carbon footprint: All items are shipped in FSC-certified recycled cardboard box and a recycled nylon dust bag.

The 37-piece collection is just one component of Gucci’s path toward a more sustainable future. Off the Grid is an extension of Gucci’s program Circular Lines, an ongoing initiative to implement a circular production that aims to reduce waste by reintroducing byproducts back in to the supply chain.

gucci off the grid
Musician/actor Miyavi, wearing items exclusively made for the Japanese market.Courtesy

gucci off the grid
David Mayer de Rothschild wearing the brand’s sustainable sneakers and a duffle bag.Courtesy

This isn’t the first time that Michele has addressed the reckless, wasteful nature of the fashion industry. During his weeks in quarantine, Gucci published his private diaries that not only dictated his decision to upend the fashion calendar, but expressed his environmental concerns: “We went way too far. Our reckless actions have wig burned the house we live in. We conceived of ourselves as separated from nature, we felt cunning and almighty. We usurped nature, we dominated and wounded it.” With Off the Grid, Gucci hopes to restore balance.

Justine Carreon
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