Antique Diamond Engagement Rings

Most women dream of their diamond engagement rings and everything about them, from the stone to the setting to the proposal itself. Some women are incredibly picky and want a specific call with a particular number of diamonds and will settle for nothing less than exactly what they want.

However, men are sometimes given a ring from their parents or grandparents. They are expected to use them when they propose to their fiances-to-be and cannot always fulfill their beloved’s wishes. These antique rings – usually a diamond engagement ring – are perfectly acceptable alternatives to a brand new diamond ring.

Heirloom Diamond Ring

Heirloom diamond rings are almost always a diamond ring passed along numerous generations. Many stories are often surrounding the ring, which makes this diamond engagement ring an item with significant sentimental items and a valuable heirloom. Also, using this ring may be preferable compared to a new diamond engagement ring.

Giving such a thing that has such value to a bride is the ultimate way to show acceptance of the new bride to the groom’s family is being entrusted with an heirloom. Aside from this, there is a financial advantage – there is no need to purchase a new ring. The groom can save his money for a more excellent wedding ring or an anniversary ring or gift that would otherwise be outside his financial means.

In addition to this, an heirloom diamond engagement ring may be altered to a degree, such as having the diamonds set differently or refitted to fit the bride’s finger. These are relatively reasonable adjustments that the groom could pay for since he does not have to purchase a new ring that may cost several thousand dollars. However, these are not the only antique diamond engagement rings available. Other diamond rings that are not heirlooms can be used as well.

Engagement rings

Antique engagement rings, such as those that may be found in a pawn shop or special collections, are an excellent option for a diamond ring, especially if the bride-to-be is rather old fashioned and is nostalgic of past eras. In this case, bezel engagement rings in Dallas, Texas at Shira Diamonds would be a great way to make the bride feel like she is living in a different time. This bezel engagement ring was made using the earliest method of setting gemstones into jewelry, in historic examples often made by leaving a hole or slot in the ring with a thin lip which was bent over once the stone was inserted, holding it in place.

One of the unique things about these engagement rings is that even if there are different rings, they often have other gemstones set around one large diamond or one large gemstone surrounded by smaller diamonds, making these rings rather unique.

The eras from which antique diamond engagement rings come from depending on the stock available and what can be found in jewelry stores and pawn shops. The most common antique rings come from the Edwardian and Art Deco Periods, practically from the first three decades of the previous century.

Like the heirloom rings, antique rings can also be more affordable, simply because they are not in fashion. The diamonds may not be of the quality that would appear in a new diamond ring, even if the diamond engagement ring must be cleaned thoroughly. However, the current trend is that antique rings tend to be more expensive because they usually have larger diamonds.