Day: October 17, 2020

Antique Diamond Engagement Rings

Most women dream of their diamond engagement rings and everything about them, from the stone to the setting to the proposal itself. Some women are incredibly picky and want a specific call with a particular number of diamonds and will settle for nothing less than exactly what they want.

However, men are sometimes given a ring from their parents or grandparents. They are expected to use them when they propose to their fiances-to-be and cannot always fulfill their beloved’s wishes. These antique rings – usually a diamond engagement ring – are perfectly acceptable alternatives to a brand new diamond ring.

Heirloom Diamond Ring

Heirloom diamond rings are almost always a diamond ring passed along numerous generations. Many stories are often surrounding the ring, which makes this diamond engagement ring an item with significant sentimental items and a valuable heirloom. Also, using this ring may be preferable compared to a new … Read More